Marketing Services

My main aim is to help small businesses get the awareness they deserve by marketing what makes them great.


There are various ways of working with me depending on what you need. From free no obligation calls to build on your current marketing plan to a fully bespoke marketing plan that I manage for you. If you want to discuss marketing your business get in touch today!


Scroll down for my marketing packages listed below, all of which can be altered to suit your needs.

JS Discovery 


We'll have an initial discovery call where you tell me about your business, the customers you have, the customers you’d like to have more of, and what marketing you're currently doing. Feel free to ask any questions you want help with. I’ll tell you a little about how I work and come back to you suggestions and advice over email.

JS Daily 


Building on the initial discussion about your business and your goals, I’ll provide a marketing strategy for you to implement yourself. This will cover, online and offline plans, develop your unique selling point (USP) and suggestions for what content you should be creating to help build your audience.


This will include:

  • Overall aims for you to focus on depending on what you’d like to achieve

  • An overview of parts of your business that you want to market and how to develop each area.

  • A social media plan, depending on how confident you are at using it.

  • Suggest other ‘offline’ elements you want in your marketing arsenal (flyers, information cards, loyalty cards etc) 

  • A review after three months to see what’s working or elements we can adjust (Optional) 

JS Monthly 


We’ll work together on a monthly basis and develop a fully bespoke marketing plan for your business, which I will implement for you. We’ll create content, achieve your goals and increase awareness of your business. I include all the options above and more depending on your needs and three-month reviews to keep us on track. 

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